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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

SBS RADIO: Program on Pancham

Pancham: 31-03-2003
A segment by Anita Barar on 5th Jan`03:- Remembering young and talented music director of Bollywood `Rahul Dev Burman` - "The Maestro with Mod Touch" (as said by Raju Bharatan)on his ninth death anneversary which fell on January 4, 2003

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

"Disquarium": eXotica Releases Overview: Soundtracks by composer: Shalimar

Jack Diamond: An excellent Bollywood soundtrack and actually 1 of the best by 1 of the true great GREATS of the field and one whose records/recordings everyone is always after! RD Burman. And SHALIMAR is undoubtably his most sought after soundtrack. Lots of killer funky sitar, outrageous vocals, and some very nice grooves all told! The album's quite a solid play all the way through, and runs through styles that you don't always find on a soundtrack of this vintage year of 1978 with some totally excellent full-on funky numbers that have some killer production. As the cover says -- "Turn On This Record and The Record Will Turn You On!"

Brian Karasick: the best piece from Shalimar, "One Two Cha Cha Cha" was included on the Inflight comp. But the star on this CD is the second soundtrack included called "College Girl". Two pieces steal liberally from Donna Summer and then believe it or not Iron Butterfly's "In Gadda Da Vida" but with a 70's Indian interpretation and vocal styling. Truly would have been worthy of inclusion on Doob Doob 2 these are the kind of really (really) great western "interpretations" you can expect from volume 2.


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