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Saturday, December 28, 2002

The good, the bad and the ugh! - The Times of India
Palash Sen -
"What really sucks are the remixes like Kaliyon ka chaman. R D Burman was the original music genius. It pains to see what they have done to his original tunes. Have you heard the Yeh vaada raha remix? Everyone now makes money on RD, so he�s looking after a lot of households and is also the breadwinner of the year."

bengali Puja songs never made in Hindi

From: sourav mazumder
Date: Wed Jul 24, 2002 12:58 pm
Subject: The bengali Puja songs never made in Hindi

The Puja songs which I never heard in Hindi (or got to
know the Hindi counter part from any reference) are

1. Phool-a Gandha nei
2. Aykhan-e naa
3. Loakkhiti dohai toamaar
4. Ke je aamaar ghum bhaangiye galoa
5. Tumi jaabe goa choale jaabe goa
6. Naa dekoa naa
7. Shono ei toa samay
8. Na na na na paarboa na
9. Raat dupure koathaay jaabe
10. Tomaar je oai haather maalaa
11. Goon goon bhramara
12. Keu jaane naa
13. Jwoale jaay kaalaachaander birahe
14. All songs of Ga Pa Ga Re Sa album apart from E ki
bhaaloa baashaa and Aajke theke jaao
15. Katoadin aar ebhaabe boashe thaaki
16. Chaainaa aamaar reshmi choodi
17. Koathaa koathaa khnujechhi toamaay
18. Ki koare aasi toamaar kaachhe
19. Goon goon goon goonjare
20. Dhire Dhire din goanaa
21. Bhebechhi bhule-a jaboa
22. Baba/Khoka

Friday, December 06, 2002

rediff.com, Movies: Classics Revisited: Why Padosan is perennially popular
* R D Burman's first break had come courtesy Mehmood in Chhote Nawab (1961). The two friends had done Bhoot Bangla and reached their collaborative apogee in Padosan.
* In Padosan, RD gave Lata two lovely solos, the peppy Bhai battoor and the dulcet Sharam aati hai while Asha Bhosle had to share her only song, Main chali main chali with Lata.
* RD cleverly adapts the 1939 Sant Tulsidas hit song Ban chale Ram Raghurai for Dekhi teri chaturai.


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