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Monday, November 18, 2002

Meree Sangeet Yaatra - R D Burman - 21: Episode 11, Part 2

It was not uncommon for Pancham to get sounds for his songs and music from his surroundings. And some amazing ones he got like this. At times if these sounds were deliberately chosen (like the school desks for the Kitaab song), at others they came to him by sheer accident. In this episode he narrates two 'accidentally' found sounds, one by his father that turned into the immortal "Dang Dang Dang" sound in 'jinhe naaz hai' from Pyasa. The other is an equally
effectively used sound in the Asha sizzler 'terii merii yaarii ba.Dii puraanii' from Charitraheen.



Saturday, November 16, 2002

Catalouge of LoRD's theme music - Post by Anubhav Gore

1. Aandhi - Tiltle Music
2. Sholey - theme
3. Deewar - Tille Music
4. Shakti - Romantic Theme
5. Shakti - Theme
6. Abdullah - Hippy Dance Music "What a Bass Guitar Effect with single "Channtee (the female table)"
7. Shalimaar - the Countess Caper Theme
8. Shailmaar - Title Music
9. Shalimaar - Romantic Theme
10. Hum Naujawaan - Music
11. Jeeva - Music "Fantastic piece b4 "bas ek nazar pe jaan ka daraumadaar hai"
12. Ali Baba aur 40 chor - Title music
13. Arjun - Theme (Tan tan tann tuneee nee tunee nee ) :-)
14. Saatte Pe Satta - The Babu music "I dont have this with me..:-("
15. Subeh - TV Serial - Title music
16. Drohi - The Chase Voilin
17. Ghatak - Theme..(I suppose this is not LoRd's may be VAnraj Bhatia - Srishthee se pehle Satya nahin thaa..Tyaaaunnnn) plz clear the doubts..:-)
18. The Buring Train - Title Song
19. Awaz - Theme

Monday, November 11, 2002

Meree Sangeet Yaatra - R D Burman - 20: Episode 11, Part 1

Pancham's treatment of folk music was very special and unique. Gulzar reminds him of one such song where he created this unique blend of folk and modern sounds without taking anything away from the beauty of the folk. The song is 'o maanjhi' from Pancham/Majrooh's 'Bandhe Hath'.



Sunday, November 03, 2002

Meree Sangeet Yaatra - R D Burman - 19: Episode 10, Part 2

The trio collaborated to bring out arguably one of the best non-film (popular
music) work of their era - Dil Padosi Hai. In this episode they talk about a
popular and an absolute winner (on each one's part) song from this album -
"saato.n baar bole bansii, ek hii baar bole naa." Gulzar explains how. Frankly
if it was not Gulzar himself, I would prefer no explanation of his poetry. He
does it well though.

Enjoy and have a Happy Diwali!


"प्रीत की पीड़ा जाने मुई, छाती छेद पड़े
उठ-उठ के फिर मुँह लगती है, कान्हा संग लड़े"
- पंचम/गुलज़ार, 'दिल पड़ोसी है' में

Friday, November 01, 2002

The 2002 CEDAR Awards. The Winners Are...

Debasish Mahapatra at Pancham Studios, India used a 33 1/3 rpm vinyl record as source material to restore the soundtrack of the classic film 'Doctor Zhivago'. Using his CEDAR SERIES 2 DC-1 De-Clicker, CR-1 Decrackler, and DH-2 De-Hisser, Mr Mahapatra successfully removed unwanted clicks, scratches, crackle and surface hiss.

The results were outstanding, and CEDAR is delighted to present this Award to the first winner from India. After the presentation Mr Mahapatra commented, "This wouldn't have been possible without the amazing processing power and the incredible simplicity of the CEDAR SERIES 2. I would like to dedicate this achievement to my inspiration - the greatest and most versatile music composer from India, Rahul Dev Burman."


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