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Music shops

As a Pancham lover, when you visit Calcutta, you will invariably have the urge to do 'Pancham-hunting' in Pancham's own city. Besides, a devout music or Pancham fan will search for these pilgrimages in every city he/she goes to. So here the chapter presents you with a list of leading music stores of Calcutta. Besides these 'chiefs' of music shops, Calcutta has small music shops lurking in every corner of the city... you see, residents of Calcutta require music to sustain life besides air and water :-) Among these small shops you can find many rare gems of Calcutta, but don't lose heart if the shop you just visited hasn't heard the name 'Pantera' or 'Jal Mahal'... there are numerous shop owners out there who know! Just find some comparatively older shops with not-so-young person (preferably with a light in his eyes - the Pancham light!) at the counter, just to make sure he understands (y)our Panchamese :-).

Happy hunting!


Emami Shopper's City
3, Lord Sinha Road
(Near Shree Shikshayatan College)
Phone: 2825195

M. Biswas & Symphony

4A, Jawaharlal Nehru Road
(Near Metro Cinema)
Phone: 2283149

Music World

18G, Park Street

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