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P A N C H A M R I T - 4 : Pancham concludes... (1985-1994)
by Vinay P Jain & Shashikant Rao

Answers and Results

Aap ki baat..

.. Thanks for a fantastic quiz! As Neeraj will add - Mogambo khush
hua! :)
- Renu & Neeraj

.. mujhe adhiktar gaano.n ke liye pahli 1-2 line-e.n hi paDhni
paDi.n. (Probably) my best effort so far.
- Amit Sharma

.. A very easy one. I expected it to be a bit tough. Thought some
rare songs from Jeene Do, Yaar Meri Zindegi, Siyasat, Khule Aam,
Sarphira will come out of Shashi's bag.
- Sourav Mazumder

.. mails ke dher mein Panchamrit dekhi to mazaa aa gaya.. Jaise kisi
pyaase ko amrit ka kuaan mil gaya..

Thanks a lot for providing an excellent quiz. A good effort. Good to
see proper balance between the easier and not so easier questions....
Had a great time with Pancham Gems [as always] ..really enjoyed
solving it. Kudos to your effort...
- Pavan Jha

.. a wonderful quiz. Keep it on.
- Milind Parulekar

.. This is said to be a perfect quiz.. what a collection man.
- Anubhav Gore

.. Great quiz.... as usual!!!!!!
- Pratik Majumdar

.. Kudos for a very well compiled quiz and the preface along with the
clues were excellent. Now do I see a streak of filmi journalism
- Saikat Choudhury

.. Hats off to u for bringing out this gem of a quiz..
- Raghu Ganesh K.

.. An excellent quiz.. each song in a class of its own.. the songs
still continue to stir the Panchamagic..
- Satyakalyan Mohanty

.. To be honest I'm pretty excited about this quiz... Tho' you may be
getting cent percent scores in replies, I've got only 3. However I'm
very thrilled that i managed that.
- Deepi

.. Great job putting the quiz together. On one hand I feel ecstatic
to know 50-60% answers. On the other hand I could not have done
without the liberal hints such as those for 'Guru' and 'Inaam Dus
- Ashok Sharma

.. Excellent quiz. i really enjoyed solving it. and even the preface
was just too much, so much informative. i haven't heard all the
Pancham stuff from this period, but whatever i have heard is just
fabulous. it looks, despite all the mentioned misfornues Pancham was
at his creative best. it was as if Pancham saying - "My play was a
complete success, the audience was a failure". And this Pancham
eGroup made sure that that i don't become 'that part of the audience'.

One query - out of the 21, only one song is by Anand Bakshi. Was it
another feauture of this period? - Pancham teaming up more with
Javed/Gulshan Bawra than Bakshi saab?
- Ashish Kashikar

.. Once again, an excellent quiz. Each and every one of
the 'Panchamrit' quizzes have helped so much in rediscovering the
treasure that Pancham is. Thanks for all the fun you've given through
the quizzes and I hope this is not the end of it and we'll be having
many more of the same in the future.
- Vasanth Ekbote

.. guess I did much better than the last one -- maybe it's because I
now own a lot more Pm music than before. Loved the choices, although
a few others could have made it as well. Great quiz.
- George Thomas

.. Guys, you have done a terric job of all the four PANCHAMRITS. It
has been great fun as well as discovery of many lesser heard Pm gems.
Keep it coming.
-Dikshit Arya

.. It was really a fun to solve the quiz and to hear some really very
good songs which I had never heard. I hope there will be more
Panchamrits like this.
- Girish Bagmar

Hamaari baat

With the looming fear of making this post longer than what it should
be, we would just say - 'Thanks very much'. It was satisfying to see
that all those who participated, enjoyed the process of solving and
going through the quiz. Goes without saying that more than anything
else, quizzes like this present one an opportunity to appreciate the
gems in a new light. That it makes you fall in love with them again
and makes you wonder on the genius of Pancham, is just a side-effect.

Thanks again..

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Amit K Sharma
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Ashish Kashikar
Anubhav Gore
Satyakalyan Mohanty
Milind Parulekar
Sourav Mazumder
Saikat Choudhury
Qazi Rahman
Vasanth Ekbote
Dikshit Arya
Pavan Jha
Pushkar Bagmar
Renu & Neeraj
George Thomas
Vineet Choraria (non-competitive)
Deepi S
Raghu Ganesh K.
Girish Bagmar
Arindam Sen
Parijat Naik

The Answers (served with comments interspersed)

Note : "***" is followed by our comments.

chalo jee ham bure sahee
chalo jee ham jhooThe haiN
magar isee nigaah se
hazaar dil TooTe haiN

The song was born out of an interlude from another Pancham-Majrooh
classic. This typical light and bright song from 'Pancham-Majrooh and
company' was another contribution to an entire genre of such beauties
that these two have provided. It is the stuff, smiles are made of.

The director takes his production Caravan to his familiar Deccan
haunts - this time adding an entire school band for good measure.
Song : jab chaaha yaaraa tumne
Film : Zabardast (1985)
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Kishore

.. True to the name of the film all the songs were zabardast. Another
thing that comes to my mind is the jinxed combo of Mushir-Riaz and
Pancham. Mehbooba, Shakti, Zabardast, Samundar to name a few. All
directed by top notch directors who had a very high success rate with
RD in their home productions (barring Rahul Rawail).
- Saikat

.. As by the name itself its ZABARDAST music by LoRD and his team. I
personaly like the song very much 4rm this movie is "Dekhoo
Idhar Janabeman Kahan Kho Gaye"
- Anubhav

.. Music wasn't as Zabardast as earlier NH-Pancham combos...[So as
the production]... Still this one is a good one from Kishore..
- Pavan

.. This was the only song I ever remembered from the film before I
bought the soundtrack. Even before I registered it as an RDB
creation. Would be embarassing to forget it now:)
- George

kaagaz pe kuchh ho
likha to miTa dooN
sauda kiya ho to
qeemat chuka dooN
dekha ho sapana to
sapana bhula dooN
kaise bhula dooN
tujhe o jaane waale

Asha scintillates with her soothing, mature voice, in this otherwise
Lata dominated album. This love pean has many parts reflecting the
joys and tribulations of love. A composition that grows on you as you
listen to it.

A less-regular singer, but a mainstream cinematographer voices
another version of this song.
Song : jeene de ye duniya
Film : Lava (1985)
Lyrics : Anand Bakshi
Singer : Asha

.. Manmohan Singh is the cinematographer alluded to here.
- Saikat

.. MMS's voice grows with the time and provides excellent support to
Asha [I didn't like his singing initailly... now I find it
- Pavan

.. The hint was a clear give away.
- Ashish

aarzoo hamne kee to Gam paaye
roshanee saath laayee thee saaye
saaye gahre the
roshanee halkee

Pancham recreates the pathos that he so often did with Majrooh and
Kishore and comes up with this gem. Only that this time it is with
Javed Akhtar and SP Bala.

But even this dynamic and successful music score would not bring his
stars out of...

Song : ham na samjhe the
Film : Gardish (1993)
Lyrics : Javed Akhtar
Singer : S.P. Bala

.. This original malayalam film 'Kireedom' had only one
song 'kanneerppoovinte.." sung by MG
sreekumar and composed by Johnson - the guy who won 2 national awards
by way of his strength in back ground score only (In 1993 and 1994).

I was familiar with the malyalam film in a very big way and though
the hindi remake didn't quite match the great standard of mallu film,
this particular song was really impressive.
It really brought out the pathos and the irony in these people's
lives. it was like a haunting song in malayalam meets an equally
haunting song in hindi.

BTW Priyadarshan (director of Gardish) wanted pancham to score for
another malayalam film of his very badly and Pancham too agreed. And
Pancham da was supposed to come to trivandrum for the composing
sessions but alas, he passed away some 10 days b4 the scheduled date.
- Raghu

.. In last four years... [90's] He gave his best with Javed Akhtar
who wrote some good songs for Pancham [Gardish, Drohi and 1942 ALS]..
I think Gardish was one of the best albums of 93
- Pavan

.. the film, to complete your clue "his stars out of..." GARDISH,
priyadarshan's remake of 'kireedam'.
- George

ham agar kabhee
door bhee hue
ye din yaad rahega
khush-naseeb hai
jisko dil tera
apna meet kahega

An unusual 'wish' from a genuine friend to someone madly in love.
This complex triangular web took its time to weave. Kavita K got her
first big break with this song penned by an RD-regular.

Same hero - two avatars. Two best-fitting playbacks - Kishore and

An interesting word game for hint: The movie's initials can be
reached at, by borrowing from the initials of the lyricist and the
MD. Both have 2 letters of the movie's initials in their own.
Song : meree duaa hai
Film : Rahi Badal Gaye (1985)
Lyrics : Gulshan Bawra
Singers : Kishore-Kavita K

*** the word game: RBG, GB, RDB

.. Personal favourite is the one sung by loRD and Asha, Aasmaan se ek
sitara... So true of the loRD himself.
- Saikat

.. good choice indeed. Thanks to TUMSE MILKE this song is now
strongly etched in memory.
- George

jabase tumhaare naam kee mishree hoNTh lagaa_ii hai
meeTha sa Gam hai aur meeThee see tanhaa_ii hai

Gulzar's imaginations and analogies run wilder than one could ever
think of. But it still makes sense and that's the beauty of it. RD
gave those imaginations ample room to rove around and then put his
midas touch and turned them to gold.

Asha and Amit Kumar helps this song to become a mesmerizing duet.
Song : roj roj aa.NkhoN tale
Film : Jeeva (1986)
Lyrics : Gulzar
Singers : Asha, Amit K

.. Gives me the goosebumps allover, specially when RD tells Asha to
takeover from him while recording.
- Saikat

.. Crystal Clear recordings. You can hear the Madal playing in "Dil
Pukarey". Superb background score also.

.. During my college days, I bought Jeeva's cassette just on
instincts... [As the music was not promoted..]. I was questioned by a
lot of my friends for putting the cassette of Jeeva with likes of
Ijaazat, Ghalib [huh.. kis film ka cassette utha laya re]... Only
when "Pancham-Gulzar's tribute to RDB" released, they came to know
that the album "Jeeva" featured one of the great compositions
offered by Pancham [and Gulzar]..
- Pavan

.. IMHO, the best Pancham duet ever......Major Goosebumps!
- Vasanth

.. a virtual sitter. this is a song that everyone I know seems to
have heard or even possess at some point. The only thing they never
remember is the rest: the film, and the lyricist. There's enough
there to tell you it's RDB:)
- George

ik pal judaa naa hoN ham
mil jaayeN aise
do lahreN ek dooje se
mil jaayeN jaise

Even a sore throat and cold could not repress Lata from singing this
romantic ditty penned by Gulshan Bawra. The song speaks of expectant
love - the excitement of fulfillment expressed with guitars and the
joy of impending commitment played on rhythmic Dholaks. Each
instrument is singing out the joy.

Hint: Pancham catches the rhyme in the name of the movie to create
the title song for this.
Song : machal machal jaata hai dil
Film : Ram Tere Kitne Naam (1985)
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Lata

*** the most difficult clue. 13 people could not decipher it. In
fact, many thought it to be 'Apne Apne'.

.. My initial thought to this one was Apne Apne... The title of AA
provides excellent rythmic Dholaks.. but Lata clue wasn't supporting
my assumptions.. Finally I got it by listening to RTKN... Unusual
melody [the mukhda also looks like "Jab bhi koi Kangana - Shaukeen
but Lata's voice makes it totally diferent number]
- Pavan

maiN abhee maa.Ng teree bhar na sakoo.Nga
rusvaa tujhe abhee kar na sakoo.Nga
haath khul jaaye, daag dhul jaaye
phir ye hawa hai mehmaan..

This album featured some of the very best of Pancham in this era. It
was a complete score with a song for almost every mood. But
unfortuantely has had a very high quality-to-airtime ratio.

The song in question is a terrific Kishore sad solo, worded
excellently as ever by Majrooh.

An interesting trivia: The chemistry between the pair and the song
picturisations of this movie was such that Eastman Kodak used stills
from this movie to promote their print. The advertisement simply
stated that Kodak prints would remain as fresh and timeless as their
Song : chand roj aur meree jaan
Film : Sitamgar (1985)
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singer : Kishore

.. This song sits right up there with Chingari koi bhadke in my list
of favourites. The song perhaps was not a favourite with the masses
in Jhumritalaiyya and hence the high quality to airtime ratio.

.. SITAMGAR is All Time Greats of Pancham.... so as this number
- Pavan

.. what an album! Each song a winner (and hence no Filmfare!)
- Ashish

.. the entire score, as you pointed out rightly, deserved more!!
Truly the audience was full of sitamgars!
- George

kal tak tera pyaar laga ik afsaana
aaj tujhe dil kee nazaroN ne pahachaana
pal meN sab kuchh badal gaya
jaise patthar pighal gaya

Two pairs vie to re-capture the magic. Pancham-Bawra and the lead
couple. This song had everything to it - the feelings, the rhythm,
the melody - alas not the luck.

This soundtrack was one of the last from Pancham, where he used an
actor's voice for playback. A very under-rated album - each song was
indeed a well-crafted prize crown for any 'Chor'.
Song : baaj uThe ghu.Nghroo
Film : Chor Pe Mor (1990)
Lyrics : Gulshan Bawra
Singers : Asha

*** Another tough one. Can't blame us. We tried to make it easy by
providing almost give-away clues.

ko_ii ban jaaye mera
aisee taqdeer naheeN
dil ke aa_iine meN ab
ko_ii tasveer naheeN
ye haqeeqat hai
asar kho chukee aaheN meree

This album again proved how little Pancham cared for the trend and
how eager he was to break out of the stereotype and create fresh
sounds. This Wadkar-Asha duet brought a fresh breeze and made
listeners feel as light as a bird, during a period when noise was the
queen. A female lyricist does a wonderful job putting words to these
Song : pyaar ke moD. pe
Film : Parinda (1989)
Lyrics : Khursheed Hallauri
Singers : Asha, Suresh Wadkar

.. Didn't realise that Khurshid Hallauri is a female.
- Saikat

.. female lyricist? who wrote this song?
- Ashish

*** As you know now - Khursheed Hallauri.

.. thank you very much for putting this in.. undeservedly forgotten
by the masses...argh!
- George

kahaa.N aaj roke se maanega ko_ii
har ek raaz is dil ka jaanega ko_ii
raat Dhalee teree galee
ko_ii aane waala hai
kaun hai ye maiN jaanoo.N na

This one is from the suspense cabaret genre - showcases some of the
best tango between drums, guitar and the saxophone. The song measures
the racing heartbeat, warning it of impending doom.

The music score for this suspense/anti-system drama had some real
niceties by Pancham, the most popular one being a violent solution to
worldly problems by Javed Akhtar. An excellent background score made
the music complete.
Song : dhaD.kan pal pal
Film : Arjun (1985)
Lyrics : Javed Akhtar
Singer : Asha

.. dhadkan pal pal.. How apt !! That's what physically happens to me
when I hear this song full blast on the stereo.
- Saikat

.. Oh! I love this song to death. Can't have enough of it.
- Ashok

.. Amazing interludes. Pm was the master of this genre of songs.
- Dikshit

shaakhoN pe patte the
pattoN pe boo.NdeN thee
boo.NdoN meN paanee tha
paanee meN aa.Nsoo the

Asha all the way. One simply cannot praise this album much. The movie
and the music ooze sensitivity and had perfect people to handle it.

This selected song brings out the experimentalist Pancham to the fore
again. The overall effect created by the technical wizardry takes the
song up to just another level.
Song : chhoTee see kahaanee se
Film : Ijaazat (1987)
Lyrics : Gulzar
Singer : Asha

.. Pancham does the hard work and Gulzar, Asha walk away with the
awards. Where's the justice?
- Saikat

.. It's a team song. ..The rythm of this song is just an example to
the composers of this current era how LoRD has created such a mind
boggling percussions effects with only Jazz and Basss Guitar
- Anubhav

.. Hard to miss. a wonderful package -- visually and aurally.
- George

too naheeN paas to
kya mere paas hai
ek hee Khwaab hai
ek hee aas hai

It's the 'neela aasmaa.N' mood again for the lyricist, except that he
has to address the blue waters this time and not the azure skies.
With this movie, a screenplay writer turned his part-time passion for
poetry into a full-time vocation. In fact, he hardly weaves new
stories anymore.

And though the songs kept on playing in every corner of the country
for months, the movie failed commercially and pinned down a lot of
hopes - adding a glaring spot on Pancham's flop list.

This version of the song is relatively less-known to the immensely
popular Kishore's version. Lata graces this with her voice.
Song : saagar kinaare saanjh savere
Film : Saagar (1985)
Lyrics : Javed Akhtar
Singers : Lata

*** we have considered "sagar kinaare dil ye pukaare' as wrong
answer. However, those who have written just "saagar kinaare" have
got the marks.

.. Again the hoi-polloi preferred watching the assets of Mandakini
repeatedly on the big screen and that can be one of the reasons for
Saagar's lack of commercial success. Bad timing.
- Saikat

suno ai hawa ko_ii mera bulaaye mujhe
ye rut ye hariyaalee na bhaaye mujhe
mil_ke bataa_oo.Ngee kaise ha.Ns ha.Ns ke
jhele maiN_ne dukh intezaar ke

This romantic and optimistic song has an underlying mood of pining
and sadness. Shows Pancham's adeptness in translating complex
emotions into musical forms. Along with an unusual way of conveying
one's sandeshaa to one's beloved, this rustic Tamil remake's music
score had some very good lyrics and lilting melodies.

A train, a pining love, Majrooh and Lata - any two of these would be
enough for Pancham to be inspired.
Song : din pyaar ke
Film : Savere Wali Gaadi (1985)
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singer : Lata

.. Personally I like the songs of Suresh Wadkar over Kishore's in
this album and being a die hard KK fan can't fathom why.
- Saikat

kahaa.N gaye din wo suhaane
kahaa.N khoya pyaar hamaara
kahaa.N kya chingaaree
jal gayaa wo sukh saara
apana kaheeN ko_ee naheeN
laake kahaa.N hameN maara

One of the finest Kishore solos and we don't blame you if you haven't
heard it ever. That's how the audio companies, film media and the
industry worked during that period, and to an extent still does.

This T-series album had another Kishore beauty, but this one in
question is just out-of-the-world. You might hear yourself murmuring -
impossible! Anjaan does the lyrics, for a change.
Song : ae zindagee huee kahaa.N bhool
Film : Namumkin (1988)
Lyrics : Anjaan
Singer : Kishore

.. For once Anuradha's number seems to be better than Kishore's.
- Milind

.. What a rendition by Kishor. One can sense the frustration in his
voice. Never liked Anuradha's version though.
- Ashish

.. I am yet to come across a T-Series cassette of Namumkin. The film
was launched in late 1981 and was the last RD-Hrishida combo when it
was released in 1988. The song is truly out of the world (rather
universe) and you can literally visualise Kishore savouring the song
while rehearsing or recording.
- Saikat

.. This song is very touching and proper panchamish too, ending and
starting again for a lude.. and then ends. One more song from this
movie "bahut Door hoke bahut paas ho tum" sounds so simple and
- Anubhav

.. In the league of very best.... Vinod Mehra was fortunate to have
some of the best Pancham-Kishore combos picturised on him [Ghar and
this one.. ]. [The same applies for Randhir Kapoor and Amol Palekar]
- Pavan

.. A wonderful song. I love the tabla pattern for the antaras.
- George

chalo maiN haar ga_ee
jo na kahana tha mujhe
wo paD. gaya kahana
hai pyaar tumse
iqraar tumse
ab to tum khush ho na

Majrooh's 'taqraar' and 'iqraar' mastery is again at work in this
surprise package. A musical reward worth tens of thousands - this
album has Kishore singing at his naughty best.

You don't find such beautiful duets being made any more. Does one has
to search all the seven skies now?
Song : chaa.Nd koee hoga tumsa kahaa.N
Film : Inaam Das Hazaar (1987)
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singer : Kishore

.. This album is just too good :) all songs are fantastic, especially
this one and Jaane Bhi Do Yaar.
- Anubhav

.. Hmmmm.. saaton akash..nope...oh yes, got it.... saaton Aasmaan
- Ashok

sahra sahra sada yahee aa_ii
ki meree laila mujh meN samaa_ii
tu bhi mujh meN sama ja

Pancham shared the fate of this excellent score in that year. It was
second year in a row when he had less than 5 Hindi releases. And this
all when he was churning out such classics. Who was the culprit after

The album had four excellent compositions including an abosulte gem
by Asha. The song in the clue is a tandem - this version voiced by
Shailendra Singh and the other by Asha. The sheer 'befikri' in
Shailendra Singh's voice, which fits to the mood of the song
like 'T', gives this version an edge - but of course to each his own.
Even Asha has a few aces and 'aha-hah's up her sleeve.
Song : na sanam mar jaayeNge ham
Film : Gunehgaar Kaun? (1991)
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Shailendra

.. The song is inspired by Dada Burman's Manzil solo by Manna Dey
which is 'Dum Se Gaye Hum dum se gaye...' specially the stanzas.
- Saikat

.. Must say "Who was the culprit after all?" got me the movie name.
- Ashish

.. the clues helped me.
- George

kitne saahil Dhoo.NDhe
ko_ii na saamne aaya
jab majhdhaar meN Doobe
saahil thaamne aaya
tumne saahil ko pahle bichhaaya hota

How one wishes this movie had reached its "saahil". Gulzar tells a
silent tale written with tears - unspoken and unheard. And 'unseen'

Trivia: This soundtrack has changed the maximum labels. However its
original 'Weston' flavor has the 2nd interlude intact. Somehow, when
it changed hands with TIPS, the second interlude acquired the sound
of crashing waves. Was it Pancham or some genius at TIPS? Anyway,
next it was Venus's turn to release the album and last heard, the
rights were with HMV.
Song : khaamosh sa afsaana
Film : Libaas (1991)
Lyrics : Gulzar
Singer : Lata

*** Everyone got it right.

.. Remember seeing the advertisement sticker of the movie first in
July 1982 (Believe it!!)
- Saikat

.. This particular song has original sound of clouds and lightning.
Feels perfect to listen while its raining outside..!!
- Anubhav

.. After "Ae zindagi gale laga le.." Suresh wadkar never sounded this
ethereal.. Of course, lata ji ka kya kehnaa...
- Raghu

.. aah! would love to see the film someday.
- George

hamne jab dekhe the
sundar komal sapne
phool sitaare sooraj khushboo
sab lagte the apne


Song : kuchh na kaho
Film : 1942 - A Love Story (1993)
Lyrics : Javed Akhtar
Singer : Lata

.. the antara of this song suddenly takes me over to the old pancham
gem "Bade Acche Lagtey hain". Listen to the lines "Merey Saath inhe
bhi to tum Yaad bahut aaogee.." and this one's "phool sitaare sooraj
khushboo sab lagte the apne.."
- Anubhav

.. The sheer genius of Pancham could also be gauged from the fact
that Pancham succeeded in 1994 and Ilaiyaraja failed in 1996
(Kalapani or, Sazaa-e-Kaalpani in Hindi) - which didn't have the 1920-
1940 feel to it.
- Raghu

.. No clues needed
- Saikat

.. The only thing I remembered about the film after coming out of the
hall was this song.. A mesmerizing effect that leaves you wondering
where Pancham was for so long [during those days]... Absolutely
- Pavan

.. The words are very similar to an antara in shikwa koi tumse/dhan
- George

.. Monumental indeed! Should have been the last question.
- Dikshit

itna mujhko kab tha pata
aisa bhee ik gaa.Nv hai
rasta taktee mera jahaa.N
ye palkoN kee chaa.Nv hai

Pancham competes with the newbies, explores new territory - and even
there he stands tallest amongst all. A director in awe pays his
tribute to Pancham by exploring the Sholay theme in this movie.

Suresh Wadkar has sung some brilliant solos before. And this one goes
straight to his best list, with a great rhythm and flow like a river.
Song : tum jo mile to
Film : Drohi (1992)
Lyrics : Javed Akhtar
Singers : Suresh Wadkar

.. A romantic rare gem.. it took me a whole month to buy the CD of
this album cause in the cassette this particular gem by SureshW is
- Anubhav

.. you lost me here... from the clues I could guess the title song of
ANDAR BAAHAR (although the theme used heavily was Babu's theme in
SATTE PE SATTA). But that was '84 film. Could be kis kaaran naiyya
dole from DACAIT, but that was a DUET! But then it strikes me -- you
may mean the mouth organ piece from SHOLAY. Which means it would be
Nagarjuna as Raaghav(?) playing it on and on in DROHI. Which means
this song is tum jo mile to:)
- George

mauj meN ham naacheN to
veeraana bhee hai mahfil
chal paD.eN to rasta
ruk jaayeN to hai manzil

The carefree demeanour of the characters was well captured by this
song. Pancham gets past his blues to prove he is the 'Guru' of them
Song : aana re aana re
Film : Gurudev (1993)
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Amit K

.. loved majrooh's pedestrian(?) metaphors that made it onto the
screen in delicious camp for another well-sung amit kumar number:
sachhi sachhi kehta hoon (after all, we can't blame him for the
lyrics, can we?).
- George

baahoN meN teree
zindagee meree
o mere saathee tujhe
jaa_oo.Ngee kahaa.N
too hai jahaa.N
maiN hu.N wahaa.N

If there was one piece of composition which can be called Pancham's
pet, just by the sheer number of times he used it (in different
disguises), it was this. SP Bala finds himself lucky to be asked to
render this.

Now for the irony part, this final and most elaborate version of
Pancham's dream tune got wasted in a movie which, except for this
song, had the rest of the music by someone else. The music albums
released without any credits to RDB and in most releases this song
was not even included at all.

But what a composition and what a song. It is as good as it gets.
Song : aaja meree jaan
Film : Aaja Meri Jaan (1993)
Lyrics : Sameer
Singer : S.P. Bala, Anuradha Paudwal

.. It was for the good of the song that it was not included in AMJ's
release [though it was included in the initial releases]... Who would
like to see Pancham's best in a film called Aaja Meri Jaan...Let this
number be recognised on its merit, not by the film name... Most of
the Pancham's scores were above the Film... [so was this]
- Pavan

.. yes, yes, yes. totally neglected. some of my friends don't even
know RDB was involved with this song at all. In fact, when I heard
SPB sing it in that live tribute of his, I kept thinking this song
preceded SAAGAR in some other forgotten score. Chronologically
misled, I'm still glad to finally own this gem (and only this song,
not the rest of the blessed soundtrack).
- George



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