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Panchamrit 3 - Pancham Peaks.. (Part-B)
by Vinay P Jain & Shashikant Rao

Answers and Results

Your comments first..

.. with deadlines looming I've tried to do the best I could ... Thanks for the wonderful questions -- some were good memories while others were
causes of wild-haired walking about trying to remember the songs :)
- George Thomas

.. Here's our entry for Panchamrit 3. Sorry about the last minute entry. Then again, we couldn't possibly have sent it sooner and risked tarnishing our carefully cultivated image of being late-lateefs ;) So I am sure you understand..

Thanks to you and Shashi for a nicely compiled quiz! The song selection was excellent and the process of solving the quiz gave us a chance to revisit some of our favorite Pancham numbers!

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to Panchamrit 4!
- Renu and Neeraj

.. must commend on a nicely compiled quiz.... really enjoyed solving it... A well balanced quiz though some more pancham gems deserved a place in the quiz... [Namkeen, Satte Pe Satta, ZKDH, Manjil Manjil]. It is understood that selecting (only) 15 songs out of 72 movies of the Golden era must be the most difficult task for you guys.... Number of questions could have been increased to 20 (or 25)? Ye dil maange more..

Thanks for such a wonderful quiz.... Really had a great time solving the quiz..... Hope to see more in the coming time...
- Pavan Jha

.. I thought my favourite period was pre 80s till I saw your quiz. Proves when it comes to the Lord's music, time and perceptions are meaningless. Also the selection of songs is the best rejoinder to those who claim Pm songs are not hummable.

As always its great fun going thru your quizzes. One should not have to wait for the next one.
- Dixit Arya

.. I enjoyed it very much indeed. I wish I could have solved all questions. But I guess particiaption is important.
- Raju Bathija

.. It was a treat. I dont know all the answers, but from what I solved, the 15 songs you have chosen for the quiz are masterpieces on their own rights. Heck, you can even release a Panchamrit 3 CD with the songs in it and it will sell out like hot cakes..:) I wish there were 25 questions in the quiz...
- Qazi Rahman

.. This is the first time I'm getting into the Panchamrit quiz. Tried my best but a packed schedule and infrequent listening prevented me from completing the questions.

Thanks for the great info and hope to become an active member of the forum someday.
- Dibyendu Sengupta

Nice quiz .... :-)
- Nitin Sharma

.. First of all accept my heartiest greetings for conducting such a magnificent PANCHAMRIT QUIZ. Quite fabulously framed Qs… each song in its class of its own..
- Satyakalyan

.. It was a great effort on your part. Thanks
- Devdan Mitra

.. I would compliment U on an extremely good quiz. What is nice about it is that all the numbers are really musical. Each & every of these nos are both instantly hummable & have the potentcy to be recorded for posterity.
- Anirudha Bhattacharjee

.. This is the first time I participated in Panchamrit, and must say I thorougly enjoyed it. It helped me to discover (or rather re-discover) many beautiful songs which I had long forgotten. Thanks for the refreshing quiz!
- Pratibha Gupta

.. great quiz. a little over-the-top for an out-of-form, semi-retired, ageing Pm-fan like me
- Anindya Roychowdhury

.. ANSWER ANY 7 correctly to win a brand new Rolls-Royce or a V-MP3 CD#3. :-)
- Nilangshu Haldar

Our turn..

The participation increased again. Form the 19 last time it went up to 30. And we had quite a few entries from non-members too. Also we did not receive remarks about quiz being too difficult or too easy this time.

Thanks to all who participated. Thanks to Anirudha and Dibyendu for pointing out the error in the first clue (lyricist). We hope that you enjoyed going thru the clues and sub clues and got at least a hint of the effort or creativity that Pancham would have gone through creating these memorable gems.

Thank you all Pancham premees...

- Vinay

what a surprised look I had when Vinay invited me to contribute to the introduction and comment on the questions he had selected. There was nothing I could've done about the questions - matter of fact I lacked Vinay's courage in selecting 15 songs out of this productive era. But how can I refuse such an offer - to speak on Pancham best period for me - the era which drew me close to his music - transforming me into an eternal fan to the soul. Each tune, each song holds a special meaning to me.

As I set upon the humungous task of writing the introduction - I was transported back to the heydays - when Pancham was the king. The peak
period when he was most trusted, loved and the toast of Bollywood. Everything he touched turned gold - creativity at its peak - we had
the unrestrained Pancham.

And what a participation we had - my initial skepticism on the participation was soon turned into wonder and joy. Vinay was as cool
as a cucumber throughout. Thank you Panchamites

- Shashi

The Participants

There were 30 entries in all, 31 participants. One team of two and one non-competitive entry.

Chandrakant Gopalan
Nilangshu Haldar
Anindya Roychowdhury
Pratik Majumdar
Ajit Iyer
Ashwin Kothari
Amit K Sharma
Anshul Chobey
Pratibha Gupta
Anirudha Bhattacharjee
Devdan Mitra
Satyakalyan Mohanty
Nitin Sharma
Vibhendu Tiwari
Sujay Jalihal
Sharad Gupta
Milind Parulekar
Dibyendu Sengupta
Sourav Mazumdar
Saikat Choudhury
Qazi Rahman
Kaushik Roy
Vasanth Ekbote
Subhash Chandra
Raju Bathija
Dixit Arya
Pavan Jha
Renu & Neeraj

George Thomas
Vineet Choraria (non-competitive)

The Answers (served with comments interspersed)

Note : "***" is followed by our comments.

yaadoN ka safar ye kare
guzre bahaaroN meN kabhee
aane waale pal pe haNse
uD.te nazarooN meN kabhee
ek haath meN andhiyaaraa
ek haath meN jyotee hai

Starting with this rather less-known song from a movie which had otherwise very popular music. The singer is also relatively unknown but his sufiyana voice sounds perfect for the mood of the song. Naturally beautiful.

Song : dukh sukh kee harek maalaa
Film : Kudrat (81)
Lyrics : Qateel Shifaai
Singers : Chandrashekhar Gadgil

*** It was a strange, tragic coincidence. Qateel Shifaai, the lyricist of this beautiful song and one of the best known shaayars of modern era left us on July 12th. This was the only song of his that Pancham composed. And what a rare beauty it is. Not surprisingly, this was the most missed clue in the quiz. - Vinay

This song had an instant enigmatic attraction to me. Chandrashekhar Gadgil's vocal prowess transports one thru the myriad inexplicable paths of life. I remember being sorely disappointed on finding this song rendered by Rafi-saab in the movie. Not that Rafi-saab left anything to be desired - but alas the Gadgil touch I had come to expect was missing. Pancham excelled in this genre of songs widely relegated to background song picturisations. Case in example includes: 'Pyar Hai Ik Nishaan Qadmon Ka' (Mukti), 'Jab Ek Qazaa Se Guzro To' (Devta), 'Mee Raksam Mee Raksam' (Harjae), etc. - Shashi

Other answers: Man re hari ke dwar from Manzil Manzil (Anindya)

... Applying just my quizzing fudge.. I have not heard the no... (*** you applied it right.. even with the flaw in the sub-clue)
- Anirudha

... Well the moment you mentioned Sufiyana style as HINT, the only singer which comes to mind is nobody else except Mr Gadgil.
- Subhash

... Must take this opportunity to pay tribute to the lyricist Qateel Shafai, who passed away a few days back.... I believe this was only time when he teamed up with Pancham.... (*** yes) ..."The singer is also relatively unknown" Did he (Mr. Gadgil) sung for any other MD? (*** anyone?)
- Pavan

... chandrashekhar gadgil, whom I remember from RANG BIRANGI
- George

ankhiyoN meN raatoN ka nashaa
ang meN jawaanee kaa suroor
jaadoo aisa DaalooNgee ki aap
bhaage chale aaoge huzoor

This song shows how much of Asha is there in the Pancham nAsha and also how well Pancham added the 'N' before Asha. No one but the songstress could inspire such Madira-esque passion in this song. This number was so rich in creativity that Pancham managed to make an entire song, which he used in another movie, out of the interlude warbling by Asha.

The entire score was a work of creative genius. In every song of the movie, Pancham used the opening/mukhra of another song from the same movie, as the interlude, seamlessly. The song in question is the only exception.

Song : o mitwaa, mitwaa
Film : Manzil Manzil (84)
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Asha

*** What can one say of this song - except Thanks Vinay for including this number. This not-so-popular song is of the genre of Pancham-Nasir
Hussain's naughty heroine pleading the hero for forgiveness. Actually in this number the mood is more of teasing - and boy-o-boy does Asha
infuse naughtiness and longing in her voice. My favorite from this thirst-quenching album - I found Pancham-Nasir Hussain going back to
their Caravan roots. Away from the competition song based musicals - this one had more folk and on-the-road type of songs.
- Shashi

*** Other answers/ guesses: "Kya ghazab karte ho ji" from Love Story (Anindya, Raju Bathija), "geet sunoge huzoor" from Rocky (Pavan)

... When Nasir Hussain was drying up with inane films like Manzil Manzil, Pancham was the only saving grace with his music which still bore the stamp of the old Nasir Hussian-Rahul Dev Burman days. Every song in the movie was a classic right from the romantic O Meri Jaan to the racy Jhalak Dikha Ke to this one - a sheer delight.
- Prateek

... RD's spate of 25 flops included this one and marked the end of RD's association with Nasir Hussain productions. Also this was the last film directed by NH for his home banner
- Saikat

... The interlude became jab chaha yaara tumne/ZABARDAST
- George

ghooNghTaa giraa ke pooraa mukhD.aa dikhaa ke thoD.aa
jab maiN chalooN to tumko kaisaa lage

aayegee aafat koee hogee qayaamat koee
jeene naheeN dogee tum aisaa lage

Such a lilting tune made 2 ageing star's onscreen romance look more credible than the raging teenyboppers. Pancham's use of dramatic violins, crisp tabla and racy guitar makes the interludes one of his best.

Song : kaisee lag rahee hooN maiN
Film : Jhutha Sach (84)
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Lata, Kishore

*** Saikat's comment is so apt - as I'd mentioned an ageing Dharmendra and Rekha beat the young couple of Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia
(Manzil Manzil) in opposing theatres of Charni Road.

This song has one of the raciest interludes - in fact a false interlude in the end which leads to the song's end. The movie - a surprise hit for the house of the Nadiadwalas, director Esmaaeyel Shroff and Pancham. Pancham came back for another robust score for the house he provided with Mela, Aa Gale Lag Jaa, Raampur Ka Laxman, etc. The other song in this movie 'Jahan Bin Hawaa Ke Pardaa Hile' is a must-listen.
- Shashi

*** Other answers: pallo latke from Naukar (Vibhendu Tiwari)

... Kya boloon, even Ashok Kumar and Nalini Jaywant would have looked young in 84 with this song
- Saikat

chhoTee see do jheeloN meN wo bahatee rahatee hai
koee sune yaa naa sune kahatee rahatee hai
kuchh likh ke aur kuchh jubaanee

The master poet tells a quiet tale of sorrow using the teary landscape of the human eyes. The movie brought fame to two singers from the east and two of today's stars. Also marked the end of Pancham's partnership with a guitarist friend.

Song : do nainaa aur ek kahaanee
Film : Masoom (82)
Lyrics : Gulzar
Singers : Aarti Mukherjee

*** This album brought accolades all around. Pancham proved with this album - his music was not always at the mercy of singers. Suresh Wadkar, Bhupinder, Aarti Mukerjee, Anup Ghosal, Vaneeta Bapat, Gurpreet Kaur - except for the Lata version of 'Tujhse Naaraz' - this album was a wonderful amalgam of unconventional, not-so-popular singers.
- Shashi

... The two eastern singers being Anup Ghoshal (who proved that he did have a life outside Satyajit Ray) and Aarti Mukherji (who outside Ravindra Jain / Rajshree productions)
- Anindya

... Aarti Mukherjee could never ever come up with a gem like this again. but then again there was only ONE Pancham!!!!
- Prateek

... Aarti Mukherjee got the filmfare or was it the national award for this song? (*** It was the Best female singer's National Award)
- Saikat

.. Why RDB didn't repeat her much often, is still a puzzle for me? Good work(direction/lyrics) always inspired RDB and produced best out of him.
- Subhash

... Is there a documented known story behind this breakup between RD and Bhupi? how about Jaliyanwala Bagh(87), the film that never got released... (*** Jalianwala Bagh though released late, was actually a movie on the floors quite earlier than Masoom.)
- Pavan

... my favourite on the album ... goose bumps everytime
- George

chaahe jinhe meree nazar
haaye naheeN unko kHabar
band hai mandir ka darwaaza
phool chaDh.aaooN kaise

The charming hero woos his unknowing muse using the age-old Bollywood trick - playing the blind disguised old man. And Pancham provides him this
classic Kishore solo, which was written by a pair of lyricists (at least officially).

Song : motee ho to baaNdh ke rakh looN
Film : Daulat (81)
Lyrics : Nida Fazli & Vitthal Bhai Patel
Singers : Kishore

*** An observant Saikat and an insightful Anindya. However, contrary to Anindya's comment, in a recent interview Nida Fazli mentioned that he was the 'real' composer of the duo. Vithalbhai Patel, according to him, was simply a businessman who paid him to be part of the duo. Anyways, this movie had some great numbers - including this 'pearl' from Pancham's treasury.
- Shashi

... Vithalbhai Patel writes "__ ho to __ -ke rakh du"...and Nida Fazli springs up: kapda?, phaadke? VP says...YESSS..baandhke...choti?
- Anindya

... my favourite is Khoobsurat ho
- Sourav M

... This stanza has the same tune as that of the Kudrat stanza in answer 1
- Saikat

... Wow... what a song.... RD/Kishore at its best......
- Pavan

maanaa ki kHataa meree hai
par itnee sazaa naa de tu
le paiyaaN paD.ooN tore sajnaa
ab to gale lagaa le tu

This song was literally "cooked". Pancham created this while cooking with his friend cum lyricist. The lyricist later fit some beautiful words to the

The dish was served in two flavors.

Filmfare decided to award Pancham first time for this, as if he cared any more.

Song : kitne bhee too karle sitam
Film : Sanam Teri Kasam (82)
Lyrics : Gulshan Bawra
Singers : Asha

*** Obviously Saurav M gets full marks for correctly identifying the song version (but so did others, because we did not ask for the singer name :)). This song lead to a trio of great Pancham-Barkha Roy productions musical creations - Sanam Teri Kasam, Karishmaa and Gunhegaar Kaun. And each had a fabulous roothna-manaana romantic number a la Nasir Hussain-Pancham. 'Kitne Bhi Karle Sitam' - Sanam Teri Kasam, 'Teri Nazar Se Meri Nazar Ka' - Karishmaa (or rather 'Jaan Meri Tere Liye), 'Naa Sanam Mar Jaayenge Hum' - Gunehgar Kaun
- Shashi

... Please note that this stanza is not there in Kishore's version. So anyone just telling the song name should not get the point for the song :)
- Sourav M

... RD should have described the Filmfare jury a bunch of jokers a la Mohinder Amarnath.
- Saikat

... Complete Sitter!!
- Subhash

jab rulaa lete haiN jee bhar ke hameN
jab sataa lete haiN jee bhar ke hameN
tab kaheeN khush wo zaraa hote hai

An attempt to bring back musical sense in these chaotic times... a much earlier one than '1942 A Love Story'. Pancham strived to bring back the
Indian sound in this album.

This song again, like the previous one, had two versions.

Song : aur kyaa ahd-e-wafaa hote haiN
Film : Sunny (84)
Lyrics : Anand Bakshi
Singer : Suresh Wadkar

*** Pancham made about 10 great melodies (including this one) for Raj Khosla in 2 movies in a vain attempt at bringing back melody. Alas in the days of Jeetendra wearing white - Pancham's movie producers started seeing red. An interesting point to note is the first signs of desperation - Pancham’s attempt at using the dependable Lata to provide a hit – he continued the attempt thru Alag-Alag, resigned back to Asha and finally decided to use Kavita K for his comeback.

... LM in her tuneful pre-bridge days
- Anindya
(*** but you could almost feel the foundation being set! :))

... Scratched my head and tore my hairs for this answer and at the end of the day its pure guess work (*** and still right on target :))
- Saikat

.. What a melodious tune;-)) Sad part is that this sheer brilliance of pancham was always unknown among masses and still is.. I bet even the actor/actress on which this song was picturized recollect this :-((
- Subhash

... Almost missed this
- George

zameeN pe naheeN ham pukaaro hameN
chaand ban gaye haiN utaaro hameN
tum jo naheeN chaand pe basnaa kyaa

Fresh... youthful... racy... beautiful. That's the feeling you get about the movie and its music. Made within a record 30 days - this movie looks crisp
and clean even today.

The words surprisingly were provided by a non-regular for this banner. But then, even the director was a non-regular. Pancham, however, felt at home with the banner and always gave it the extra. One of the very best that he did for it.

Song : tumhe chhoD. ke ab jeene ko jee to naheeN
Film : Baseraa (81)
Lyrics : Gulzar
Singers : Asha, Kishore, Chorus

*** Other answers/guesses : Ek nahin - Biwi O Biwi (Vasanth)

... Director, if I remember correctly: Ramesh Talwar? (did a super job, like the MD and the lyricist)
- Anindya

... I wish if this song would have been picturized on better-acclaimed pair and of course, with more imagination.
- Subhash

... Refreshing..... The album certainly provides something different from what you expect from Pancham Gulzar Team.... In this song, it seems, the two driving in fifth gear..... I believe director Ramesh Talwar was a regular with this camp.... (*** )
- Pavan

tujhe maiN jahaaN kee nazar se churaa looN
kaheeN dil ke kone meN tujhko chhupaa looN

kabhee zindagee meN paD.e mushqileN to
mujhe too sambhaale tujhe maiN sambhaalooN

The freshness extends in this Danielle Steele inspired romance. Asha and Kishore sing melodiously all the way Bawra's words in exotic Kashmir

Pancham, Gulshan Bawra and Ramesh Behl - the team always lived up to their promise.

Song : too, too hai wahi, dil ne jise apna kahaa
Film : Yeh Vaada Raha (82)
Lyrics : Gulshan Bawra
Singers : Asha, Kishore

... dead give-away hints
- Anindya

... The introduction music, the handclaps, the tune, its the ultimate recipe for a lovely candle-lit dinner and dance with your loved one.
- Prateek

... My personal favourite is 'Ishq mera zindagi hai' for the speed variations.
- Saikat

... Another refreshing number.... The taali pattern played an important role in the film [like Karz's ik haseena thi]... How many times RD has given such pieces [script specific]... can we expect a thread on this?
- Pavan

maanaa ke andheroN ke gahre haiN bahut saaye
par gHam hai yahaaN kisko aatee hai to raat aaye

This classy number could only be waltzed to by a classy actor. Pancham always seemed upbeat, stylish and a touch different when he composed for this super actor.

Asha was used scarcely by Pancham in this number... but effectively, as always. This was a task he usually had Annette do - but Asha did it with her patented panache!

Song : tum saath ho jab apne duniyaa ko dikhaa deNge
Film : Kaalia (81)
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Asha, Kishore

*** Other answers/ guesses: Main aawara banjaara from Ye to Kamaal Ho Gaya (Anindya)

... All the no.s were brilliant. The song Dil to dete nahin also had a bengali version in a Uttam Kumar film called 'Kalonkini Kankaboti'.
- Saikat

... Another Sitter!
- Subhash

... Such a lively number... matching lyrics....
- Pavan

unse milne kee ijaazat ek bas hamko naheeN
unse milne unke ghar har apnaa begaanaa gayaa

This song is amongst the singer's emotive best. In fact, the whole music score was like a show case for him, singing all 6 songs of the movie. Each a hit. And guess what? In one of the songs in the movie, LP were shown as the music directors. Political correctness.. huh.

Song : kyaa huaa ik baat par barsoN kaa yaaraanaa gayaa
Film : Teri Kasam (82)
Lyrics : Anand Bakshi
Singers : Amit Kumar

... AK's first filmfare, thanks to RDB
- Anindya

... Now what was Laxmikant doing in the film. RD had acted before in Bhoot Bungla and Pyaar ka Mausam. This would have been a hattrick . Misplaced generosity a la AB Vajpayee .. huh!!
- Saikat

... What political correctness! It always rankled to know Laxmikant and not Pm played the MD's part. Came to know much later that the two were good friends.
- Dixit

ye haiN wo jo kHwaaboN meN bhee neeNd churaa lete haiN
sulage sulage man ko mere aur hawaa dete haiN
phir ye jaltaa hai badan, aisee hotee hai jalan
unse milne ke liye, jaag jaatee hai lagan

Again, Asha sizzles. Again, Pancham demonstrates his versatility. This strange album had classical notes, semi-classical thoughts, philosophical
musings, lilting cabarets and an lesser known singer but well known actor doing the singing honors.

This song demostrates Pancham's ability to remain melodic even when getting pacy. An art which only few other than him experimented, practiced and mastered.

Song : suhaanee shaam aayee hai kisee ke aane se
Film : Shaukeeen (82)
Lyrics : Yogesh
Singers : Asha, Chorus

*** Other answers: "Raat mehki hai, sare raat se jalta hai badan" from ??? (Nitin Sharma)

... The soundtrack of the film was on MIL however the credits in the film mention HMV. Strange!!!
- Saikat

... Hats off for putting this song in, I am really thrilled. Guys listen this score, if you haven't done it recently!
- Subhash

... Although you have mentioned in your clue, Chalo haseen geet rendered by Ashok Kumar would also have been an interesting question.
- Dixit

uljhan teree maiN sab jaanooN
tujhe teree tarah pahachaanooN
jo maiN hooN to gHam kyoN jaanejaaN

ho jab dil huaa teraa deewaanaa
Thokar meN hai saara zamaanaa
meraa kyaa karegaa ye jahaaN

The movie was a musical treat. It had the quintessential Pancham-Majrooh falvour in all its songs. Want to know what made Pancham and Majrooh such a special team? Check it out.

There were numerous brilliant Asha-KK duets in Pancham's khazana, but this Lata-KK combo has its own special place in his duets.

Song : kaheeN na jaa, aaj kaheeN mat jaa
Film : Bade Dil Wala (83)
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Lata, Kishore

... This number has romance, nostalgia and melody stamped all over it.
- Prateek

... Excellent song. Well all the songs were brilliant but wasted on a flop movie. Poor RD the spate of flops must have given him the cardiac trouble. Never realised when the film came and went.
- Saikat

... Indeed this KK - Lata combo is special.
- Dixit

... Running out of adjectives.... Lately discovered that BDW is one of my all time favourites.... Quiz ki pukar hai ye "Kahin na jaa aaj kahin mat jaa...."
- Pavan

binaa dekhe, binaa jaane, tan man baaNdhe jo
baNdhan jo, janam janam, mar ke judaa naa ho

A rare Pancham-Anjaan gem which was rendered both by the actor and his playback voice. Two great talents. Pancham often added the third dimension.

Song : jidhar dekhooN teree tasveer, nazar aatee hai
Film : Mahaan (83)
Lyrics : Anjaan
Singers : Amitabh Bachchan

*** Other answers: tum aa gaye ho from Aandhi
(Abhijit Bhadra)

... two great talents.. you bet...KK and the big B..
- Anindya

... The film didnt prove 'mahaan' at the box office. The AB version was taken off the film after a few initial screenings. People in the 80s found it funny for the actor crooning to his wife over the telephone.
- Saikat

... Pm had the knack of getting all his singers to get to render once in a career song. This one is Amitabh's big song.
- Dixit

... what an atrocious film, but what a song!
- George

ik din milee ik maahazabeeN
tan bhee haseeN jaaN bhee haseeN
dil ne kahaa ham se waheeN
kHwaaboN kee hai manzil yaheeN

phir yooN huaa wo kho gayee
to mujhko zid see ho gayee
laayeNge usko DhoonDhkar

This number for a Count of Monte Christo remake speaks of the hero regretting betraying his mentor.

Pancham's association with Javed Akhtar-the lyricist started with this movie. And though no one seemed to notice, they provided some very good
scores together in the following years, until finally 1942 ALS happened. By then it was too late anyway.

Song : phirte haiN kab se dar badar, ab is nagar ab us nagar
Film : Duniya (84)
Lyrics : Javed Akhtar
Singers : Kishore

*** Other answers: "too chand nagar ki shahjaadi" or "jhoomti raat jawaan" both from Duniya (Vibhendu Tiwari)

(Abhijit Bhadra)

... what a song.
- Anindya

... One of the best Kishore solos for Pancham. Often neglected, often ignored but always brilliant this one!!! Did you know Javed who wrote the lyrics also gave the song to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who composed a sufi qawali on it? But give me Kishore-Pancham's version any day!!!
- Prateek

... ek line paDh ke hi jawab pata chal gaya
- Amit

... In fact this song is Javed Akhtar’s favorite kishore-RD rendition.
- Satyakalyan

... Was this RD's only film for Dharma Productions (Yash Johar)?
- Saikat

... Must admit 'Count of Monte Christo remake' got me the name of the movie before looking at the lyrics once again.
- Dixit

... Another RD/Kishor gem...
- Pavan

... This has grown on me, each time I listen to it
- George



Second Runners up (26 marks):

* Anindya Roychowdhury
* Anshul Chobey
* Devdan Mitra
* Pavan Jha

Runners up (28 marks):

* Pratibha Gupta
* Satyakalyan Mohanty
* Sujay Jalihal
* Milind Parulekar
* Vasanth Ekbote
* Dixit Arya

The winners (all correct entries):

* Ajit Iyer
* Anirudha Bhattacharjee
* Sourav Mazumdar
* Saikat Choudhury
* Subhash Chandra
* Renu & Neeraj

And the Pancham Bhakt award (for the first all-correct entry) goes to...

Ajit Iyer

Congratulations to all the participants. Hope to have the next Panchamrit soon. It is of course going to be about the movies that Pancham did post 1985. Send me your requests if you want to host a future Panchamrit. And in the meanwhile, keep listening....

- Shashi & Vinay