Panchamrit main

Panchamrit 1 - Pancham begins..
by Vinay P Jain

Answers and Results

Your comments first..

..we appreciate your efforts and promise to participate in all future
quizes too. a revealing and enriching experience indeed.
- Venkat, Shyam & Sinha

...Nice quiz. Couldn't get all of them, but I've tried my best.
- Ajit Iyer

...Boss how could you write that these are not tough ? Also you claimed
them as popular. I bet 30% of them are not popular even among the
Pancham fans. The clues which really took my time are - 3,12,15 and
of course the three i could not figure out.
- Saurav Mazumdar was really tough to solve the quiz, especially since I found your
page during the weekdays, and the deadline was near. But still, I have
managed to solve four songs. Wish I had more time or resources to
completely solve the quiz. I am waiting for the complete answers
- Meghal

...Overall the quiz was enjoyable. You were quite economical at
providing clues. The duets songs were a little more difficult to solve,
as most of them seem familiar. With most of the songs, I reached 'Dil
mein jo baatien hai' in trying humming the song and then I lost the
antara of 'Dil mein jo baatein hain' completely, which made solving S8
a bit difficult. Now back on the track.... As this was Vinay's quiz,
I was sure there will be no Anand Bakshi song. That made job a bit
easier (Just a bit easier). (*** But there IS one song of Mr. Bakhshi
in the quiz -Vinay) Hope to have more quizzes in coming time.
- Pavan Jha

...Unfortunately came by this quiz only after 30 April. ...but the
quiz is so good and revives memories of good many Pancham favorites
that just have to respond. I would like you to thank you for the
pleasure your quiz has given me. I'm sure once we get the answers I
shall be kicking myself for the missed answers. Let us have
Panchamrit 2 soon.
- Dixit Arya

My turn

Thanks a lot to all the participants for their entries which kept
pouring in, especially at times when I lost hopes for any more entries.
Also thanks to other members who at least went thru the quiz and tried
to solve it, no matter they couldn't send an entry.

Frankly speaking, I hoped for a better response. But anyway, my idea of
having the quiz was to start any regular activity on the group besides
of course giving the members some more opportunities to explore Pancham.
That I guess have been achieved, partly. Whoever went thru the quiz
enjoyed solving it. Nothing more wanted...

As a bonus however, I have been able to make Ritu, my wife, a Pancham
convert with this quiz. In her quest for the answers she listened to my
MP3 collection of about 150 Pancham songs and fell in love with
Pancham's music (what else one can expect).

As I already told in the quiz, the songs selected were entirely my
personal favourites. And I had a very good reason for doing so. First
it was my quiz :) and second I was posting it to "Pancham Fanatics". It
could not have been an easy one. So whereas I partly agree to Saurav's
allegation that the clues were tough, I insist that for Pancham lovers
most of them should have been not that tough. Still, point taken. The
next lot will be from the more popular ones. of course I will still
remain with my favourites only. :)

And at last thanks to Vineet (my younger bro) for beta testing the
quiz and providing lyric-pieces for a couple of songs on the fly.

Thank you all!

The Participants

There were 9 teams in all comprising of 11 participants. One entry was
non-competitive. Two of these entries were from a non-members.

1. Amit Sharma, Calcutta
2. Venkat, Shyam and Sinha
3. Ajit Iyer
4. Abhijit
5. Saurav Mazumdar
6. Meghal Pandya (non-member)
7. Pavan Jha, Jaipur
8. Dixit Arya (non-member)
9. Ritu Jain (non-competitive entry)

The Answers (served with comments interspersed)

Note : "***" is followed by my comments.

Clue 1
jabse milee nazar
maathe pe ban gaye
bindiyaa nayan tere
dekho sajnaa..
dhar lee jo pyaar se
meri kalaaiyaaN
piyaa teree uNgaliyaaN
ho gayee kaNgnaa

Absolute masterpiece this. Pancham fooled so many people around (and
still continue to do so) with the twin-track effect that he produced by
using another voice instead of any technology. The technology was
anyway not around at that time, I guess. Beautifully rendered
by Mangeshkar sisters.
Song : kya jaanooN sajan hotee hai kya gHam kee shaam
Film : Baharon Ke Sapne
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Lata Mangeshkar, Usha Mangeshkar

Clue 2
chheD.ooN agar to shikwaa karo na chheD.ooN to gila
lagtaa hai yooN ki tum aaj se deewaane hue piyaa
hone lage zaraa meiN kyooN be-ikHtiyaar se..

Majrooh, Asha & Kishore with Pancham. And your mind fills up with so
many light romantic songs that can make any gloomy day bright. One of
Song : achchhee naheeN sanam dillagee dil-e-beqaraar se
Film : Rakhi Aur Hathkadi
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Kishore, Asha

...What a song!
- D Arya

Clue 3
dil ke ho tum kaale, are bante ho dilwaale
door se dekho mujhko ya saNg mere ab jhoomo
baiTho meree raahoN meiN ya mere qadam ko choomo

This time it is Lata being naughty. Can't help it with Pancham in mood
and a love-ly weather.
Song : maiN na milooNgee nazar haTaa lo
Film : Pyar Ka Mausam
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Lata

Clue 4
too mujhko naheeN pahchaanta, lo aur suno
ye kal raat ko jis jaam se pee thee donoN ne
abhee tak hai meree jaaN
mere laboN ke nishaaN
are dekh to tere haath meiN wahee jaam to hai

The song had the true twin-track effect that Pancham proved to be a
master of. And as early as in 1972. A dazzling Asha solo this. The
movie has another song fetauring in this quiz.
Song : aaja aaja aaja sanam
Film : Rakhi aur Hathkadi
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Asha

...You lost me there. Taking a guess from your clue. is it..AJAA AJA O
- D Arya
*** it indeed is. So the clues worked.. :)

Clue 5
aao ham bhee aaye haiN
baahoN ke haar leke
hoThoN pe ek nagHma
aaNkhoN meiN pyaar leke
is dil ke sheeshe meiN
tasveer-e-yaar leke

One of the best ever duets. Amazing beats. Right thru the song the
words travel on the same "thaaps" of tabla. Equally brilliant use of
Chorus. The transition from the interlude to stanza is also a joy.
Song : aaao aao jaane jahaaN
Film : Gomati Ke Kinare
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Kishore, Asha

...Kya hua...Kahan atak gaya...Bahut confuse ho gaya hoon is song mein.
- Pavan

...Shades of Ole Turkey Buzzard from Mckenna's Gold
- D Arya

Clue 6
ho tum kis khayaal meiN
are poojate haiN sab yahaaN mujhe
dekhooN soorat tumhaaree
fursat hee kahaaN mujhe
ye bhee jaano ehsaan mera ek baar bhee jo dekh looN jee

Everything's in place in this song. Beginning with a great prelude of
about 1/2 a minute, the song's beats start synchronising with your
heart's very soon. Majrooh's "shokh" lyrics make this song a oft-repeat
one for me.
Song : aap chaaheN mujhko, aarzoo hai kisko
Film : Pyar Ka Mausam
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Lata

Clue 7
dil meiN ye kaisee uljhan
na jaanooN, na jaanooN
mere sanam, teree qasam ye kyaa ho gayaa

Pancham of early era used Lata for more classically-inclined songs. One
of those. The song goes deep inside and sits there. Nothing to be
horrrified of though :)
Song : O mere pyaar aaja
Film : Bhoot Bangla (1965)
Lyrics : Hasrat Jaipuri
Singers : Lata

...Lata is superb in this song
- D Arya

Clue 8
aankhoN ne chaaha dil ne saraaha
par maiN jubaaN se naheeN kah paayee
dil ki kahaanee dil meiN rahee to
miT naa sakegee kabhee tanhaaee
khwaaboN meiN tumko har baat kah dee
waise bataate hue sharmaayee

Pancham loved experimenting. And the experiment that he has done with
the tempo of this song leaves one spellbound. Sahir wrote lighter songs
as brilliantly as he did the serious stuff. And who were better to lend
their voices for such songs than Kishore & Asha. A joy, all songs from
this movie.
Song : dil meiN jo baateN haiN aaj chalo ham kah deN
Film : Joshila (1973)
Lyrics : Sahir
Singers : Kishore, Asha

Clue 9
lipaTe badan se, shole agan ke, teree lagan ke, khelo na man se mere
kah dooNgee maiN ye sajan se
ha..ha.. teree lagan ke khelo na man se mere
kah dooNgee maiN ye sajan se
naaaaaaa jeee naa.. ha haaaaaN jee haaN..
ek hi gila sau baar karooNgee

Just see how beautifully he has repeated a line in the antara and
revived it. These little techniques which lifted a song from average to
class can be found scattered all around in Pancham Da's repertoire.
Song : chori chori solah singaar karooNgee
Film : Manoranjan
Lyrics : Anand Bakhshi
Singers : Asha

*** Just shows that I have not avoided any song just because it is
Bakhshi's :) Only Merit counts.

...You can not imagine Zeenie without an RD's music.
- D Arya

Clue 10
armaaN hai koee paas aaye
in haathoN meiN jo haath aaye
phir kHwaaboN ki ghaTaa chhaye
barsaaye khumaar..
phir unhee din raatoN pe
matwaali mulaakaatoN pe
ulfat bharee raatoN pe
ham hote nisaar

Mukesh sounded so different with Pancham da. Equally true vice-versa.
The above stanza however has been sung by Lata. I love how the stanzas
have been composed in this duet. But then what's new. I love almost all
of them.
Song : kaheeN kartee hogee wo mera intezaar
Film : Phir Kab Milogi
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Mukesh, Lata

...I cannot recollect the name of the movie, since I saw the song only
once on the Sony channel. The song has Bishwajeet(or Joy Mukharjee) and
Mala Sinha.

The tragedy about the songs is that I heard the remix before I heard
the real song. As you might be knowing, this songs has been brutally
and shamelessly murdered by Anamika. I loved the remix, till I stumbled
upon the original songs. Now I know, why I loved the remix.
- Meghal

*** This is just a hint of things that are happening today with Pancham
da's music. I won't wonder if after a fifty years from now when someone
listens to the original and says 'hey RD Burman copied this from
Anamika' :) - Vinay

...RDB ne is gaane mein jitne paise nahin banaaye us-se jyada to
Anamika ne bana liye......
- Pavan
*** :)

...Mukesh did not sing many songs for Pancham but songs like this make
such events unforgettable.
- D Arya

der se lahroN meiN kamal sambhaale hue man ka
jeevan taal meiN bhaTak raha re tera hansa

Soft still firm. No false voice. Kishore da sounds excellent in this
melodious solo. One of the best 10 Pancham compositions according to a
well-known critic.
Song : O hansini
Film : Zehreela Insaan
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Kishore

...Excellent song. Goes deep inside and sits there..(as Song 7 for you)
- Pavan

...Without doubt one of the best songs Kishore ever sang.
- D Arya

*** One of those rare songs where Majrooh has written in chaste Hindi.

Clue 12
kab se sulag rahee hooN maiN, dekho kaheeN jaana na sanam
zara mere dil ko bhigo de, teree nazroN kee shabnam
yooN hee ruke rahnaa, abhee mujhko thaam ke

What if not his "qaram" on us were melodies like these.
Song : pyaasa mera dil
Film : Ehsaan
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Lata

...It cant be any other song.... Anyway just a fluke... Dhool mein
Latth.... Hope it works..
- Pavan

*** it very well worked, Pavan (RJGK solving tips proving handy... :))

Clue 13
pyaar meiN bheege bheege aakaash ke tale
jaane ham jal jaana lagkar yaar ke seene se
choor thakan se hoke jab saaNs na chale
hamko jeevan mil jaata hai zahar ke peene se
jeete haiN pyaar se, marte haiN pyaar se

Lovely lyrics by Majrooh mingled with excellent composition by Pancham.
Two of them stealing your heart once again.
Song : yaari ho gayee yaar se..
Film : Do Chor
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Lata

...BTW, what does word "lak tunu tunu" mean?
- Meghal
*** well... will have to ask Majrooh Sahab or may be someone else can

Clue 14
aake meree baahoN meiN tum dekho
inmeiN har ik ada tumhaari hai
kahne ko ye dil hai mera lekin
dhaD.kanoN meiN sadaa tumhaaree hai
tumse hai chain mera tumse hai mera qaraar
ho ho ho...

Oh those memories...
Song : meri soni meri tamanna
Film : Yaadon Ki Baarat
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Kishore

...A great favorite of mine. What great effect of the stone dropping
from the cliff
- D Arya

Clue 15
pyaar kee kHushee meiN
kyaa jaane kyaa hai jee meiN
ki ankhiyaa meree
saathee mere man ke
dekho binaa pavan ke
chunariyaa sarke meree
ho rahaaaaa.. meraa jiyaa beqaraar

This song has some mind-boggling percussions. Can't help using my desk
to accompany the beats, but then with such brilliant pieces by the
master, always feel like my hands are tied up.
Song : chhalla mera chhaila ne deena
Film : Bandhe Haath
Lyrics : Majrooh
Singers : Lata, Chorus

...The prelude is superb. I found it very near (Very very near) to
"Hothon pe aisee baat" from Jewelthief (Dada Burman). We have heard a
lot of Aradhna, but was Jewelthief too by RD?. Hear it to believe it
and comment.
- Pavan

...Yup great beat just like Gori ke haath mein in Mela
- D Arya


And the Pancham Bhakt trophy goes to..

There's no all-correct entry. So the Pancham Bhakt award is not being
given to anyone. However, the winners of this quiz with 24 points each

* Saurav Mazumdar
* Dixit Arya

Runners up (22 marks) :

* Pavan Jha
* Venkat, Shyam & Sinha


Congrats to the winners. And to all the participants who sent their
entries - winning or loosing. Or is there anything to lose? The essence
of the quiz is to have fun (even while you have to use your head :).
And it was great fun doing the quiz as well.

- Vinay