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Pancham fans are spread all over the world and the Pancham Group has played a big role in bringing them together. However, in our efforts to know more about other fanatics, get beyond the boundaries of the net, overcome the difficulties of talking to faceless people :), and of course to have more and more of Pancham, we keep having small and big meets all across. Also there are annual Pancham events on June 27th (birth anniversary) and January 4th (death anniversary) at many places.

Here you will find news about all such forthcoming meets and events as well as detailed reports of previous meets.

Shows and Meets

Meet @ Date
East Coast Meet - 3 Cherry Hill, NJ, USA Sat, 2nd Aug, 2003
Annual Pune 4th Jan Show (Special Guest: Gulzar) Pune Sat, 4th January, 2003
Annual Pune 27th June Show Pune Thu, 27th June, 2002
Annual Show on Pancham's Death Anniversary Pune Fri, 4th January, 2002
Mini East Coast Meet - 2 Cherry Hill, NJ, USA Sat, 22nd Sep, 2001
The Pune show on "RD and Rhythm" Pune Wed, 27th June, 2001
Calcutta Coup Calcutta Sun, 1st October, 2000
West Coast Jive San Jose, USA Sun, 27th August, 2000
East Coast Meet Cherry Hill, NJ, USA Sun, 20th August, 2000


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