Download Goodies

Now play all your favourite Pancham MP3 with Pancham present on your Winamp player giving you a nice, near-God feeling.

Pancham Winamp Skin

(Instructions: Download the zip file from the link below and put it in your winamp\skins directory (typically found at 'c:\program files\' on Windows systems). Winamp 2.x versions support zip files. So you do not have to unzip them. For earlier versions, you might have to unzip the files in to skins folder. Now start your player and select Pancham as the skin form skin options. Enjoy!)


Pancham Desktop Wallpaper
(Instructions: click on any of the links below as per your screen resolution and right-click on the image that opens in another window. Select "set as wallpaper" from the menu)

800 x 600 resolution
640 x 480 resolution

Pancham Wallpaper

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