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SauravC says

Nilangshu replies

Dikshit Says

Calcutta CoupDate : Sunday 1st October, 2000
Time : 11.00 a.m. onwards
Place: Nilangshu Haldar's place, Calcutta

People present at the coup

These are the people who made the Calcutta Coup a success by being present in it:

  1. Nilangshu & Madhumita Haldar, the host & hostess
  2. Nilangshu's mother (she joined us in the later half)
  3. Nilanjan Haldar, host jr.
  4. Sourangshu (Tublu), Nilangshu's nephew
  5. Bappa & Sushmita, Nilanghu's cousin & his wife
  6. Nabanita Mukherjee
  7. Dikshit Arya
  8. Sovik Srimany
  9. Saurav Chakrabarty (SauravC) & his sister
  10. Amit K Sharma
  11. Ashish Agarwal
  12. Arjun Chaubey, and the last but not the least
  13. Badal Babu and his family